... and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine. Ezekiel 47:12

Using the fewest steps between God and consumption, these high-quality-controlled naturally-sustainable unrefined products are made in small batches in Minneapolis/St Paul.

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    Auburn Selections Dew of the Sea Rose of Sharon
    Auburn SelectionsDew of the Sea SelectionsRose of Sharon Selections

    Hypertensive Stress

    Mental and Physical Clarity

    Strength and Restoration




    Body Frosting Bar Shampoo Body Spritzers
    Botanical Body FrostingOlive Bar ShampooBody Spritzers

    Aromatic Skin Healer

    Cleans, Softens and
    Nourishes Hair

    Soothing and Deodorizing




    Agony Pain and Inflammation Elasticity Renew Selections
    Agony SelectionsElasticityRenew Selections

    Chronic Pain and Inflammation

    Improves Elasticity of Skin

    Natural Retinols and Hydroxys




    Breathe Dawn Earth

    Cough, Congestion Respiratory

    Inner Peace

    Grounding and Relaxing




    Energy Focus Fungi

    Strength and Willpower 

    Concentration and Memory

    Removes Bacteria and Fungi




    Harmony Headache Pleasure

    Synchronize Emotion

    Calms Headaches

    Soothing and Sensual




    Revive Rouse Tranquil
    ReviveRouse Tranquil

    Energy and Focus

    Lift Sadness and Depression

    Relax and Encourage Sleep




    Woodland Mud Bombs Precious Balm
    WoodlandMud BombPrecious

    Nervous Tension

    Detoxifying Bath Treatments

    Eczema, Burns and Rashes




    Scalp Hair Outdoorsman

    Scalp Treatment.

    Hair Renewal Serum

    Fishers, hunters and wilderness lovers




    Parasite Rose of Sharon Morning Prayer
    ParasiteSpiritual AromatherapyMorning Prayer

    Black Walnut Hull

    Spiritual Aromatherapy

    God Bless You!




    1 - 30 of 30 items

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