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Virgin/Carrot Soap - Collagen building deep hydrating full body bar that can be used as bar shampoo and even tooth soap.

Essential Oil Sprinter - Hydrating sprays that can be used as deodorant, facial toner, skin tonic, hand sanitizer & personal body spray/cologne.

Botanical Body Frosting - Quick absorbing skin healing blend for the whole body; a facial skin healer, leave-in hair conditioner & dry skin saver.

Essential Synergy Oil - Pure 100% therapeutic-grade Synergy blends to relax calm and balance.

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    Auburn Dawn Dew of the Sea
    AuburnDawnDew of the Sea

    Hypertensive Stress

    Inner Peace

    Mental and Physical Clarity




    Rose of Sharon Breathe Earth
    Rose of Sharon BasketBreatheEarth

    Strength and Restoration

    Cough, Congestion Respiratory

    Grounding and Relaxing




    Energy Happie Harmony

    Strength and Willpower 

    Fun & Flamboyant

    Synchronize Emotion




    Headache Pleasure Rouse

    Calms Headaches

    Soothing and Sensual

    Lift Sadness and Depression




    Tranquil Woodland Fungi

    Relax and Encourage Sleep

    Nervous Tension

    Removes Bacteria and Fungi




    Rose of Sharon Morning Prayer
    Spiritual Aromatherapy SaleMorning Prayer

    Spiritual Aromatherapy

    God Bless You!



    1 - 17 of 17 items