Auburn Selections

Auburn Selections

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Pure therapeutic grade essential oil blend to help calm hypertensive headaches and stress. Improves circulation and digestion. In the tub its the goto for end of the day stress relief, wonderful and warm! Uses: Give yourself 5 minutes.

Place a drop in the palm of your hand, rub together and cup your hands over you nose and slowly breathe in. Ingredients: 100% pure Sweet Orange and Ginger Essential oils.

Castile sea salt and extra virgin olive oil body bar to help exfoliate, oxygenate and improve circulation. Remove toxins, rejuvenate and relax tired muscles. size: Oversize 6 ounce bar Aroma: Sweet Spicy and warm Ingredients: Saponified Olea Europaea Fruit Oil and Auburn Synergy Oil.

Mud Bomb made with Bentonite clay, citric acid, sea salts and baking soda which increases blood circulation that will reduce inflammation and chronic pain. Improving well-being and energizing the body by supplying fresh nutrients and oxygen to tissue.

Uses: Drop entire bomb into a very warm bath for at least 30 minutes. Pat dry. Do not rinse off. Safety and Care information: Essential oils are very concentrated and should be used respect. Some may be irritating to the skin or mucous membranes.

Place one drop on inside of elbow to test for sensitivities. Many should be avoided during pregnancy. Consult a professional if you have any concerns. They are very sensitive to heat, light, and some metals and plastics. To maintain the properties of your oils keep them away from direct sunlight. They will keep the longest in a cool dark area. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. Possible skin sensitivity. Do not apply to sensitive tissues. Not intended for children six years of age or younger unless specified. Disclaimer: The information provided above is not designed to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness or injury and is provided for informational purposes only. Always consult a medical doctor, or other alternative medical practitioner when suffering from any disease, illness, or injury. Keep all products away from children. As with any natural product, they can be toxic if misused.