Jungle Brew
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These products are as amazing as the coffee is.

 Jungle Brew

These exclusively rare wild-grown coffee beans are a matchless blend of Arabica coffee beans harvested from remote fly-in-only bush villages in Papua New Guinea.

With admiration and respect for the humanitarian efforts of a Minnesotan bush pilot I am paying it forward to PNG Highlands Summit Coffee Co.

All proceeds from the sale of these products will go to help continue his effects in Papua New Guinea. It is so amazing what this man is doing. They love him and wait for his return. His business is growing and I’m excited about making a new back of products from his coffee.

PNG Coffee Produces

PNGface and body toner

Gift Variety Basket - 2 soaps, mudd bomb and mask, toner and dimple.

Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil soaps. Black eye and Cafe Latte. 4 oz bar(or 2 -2oz sample size (1 of each);

Mudd Bomb - detoxifying and moisturizing - coffee, sea kelp and sea salt therapy. 8oz heartshaped bath bomb

Mudd Mask - moisturizing and hydrating facial treatment - coffee and sea kelp, .85 oz jar

Face & Body Spray - tighten and tone skin with natural sun protection. 2 oz sptrizer

Dimple - help stimulate and dehydrate cellulite. 1/2oz dropper bottle