Spiritual Aromatherapy Sessions

Spiritual Aromatherapy Sessions

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Listen to White

Our body is the greatest healer in the world… all we have to do is get out of the way!

Perception and the Spirit - Starting April 23rd (more to come)

This is a three part course to help awaken your spirit to heal itself. Aromatherapy assisted self-help healing; energy work, chakras, meditation, reflexology, food for medicine and whole food nutrition.

Sign up here and complete your transaction to save your spot. Each class has limited space. The classes are located in White Bear Lake, MN. The cost participate is a one of seven Spiritual Aromatherapy Spritzer listed.

Specials will be available for purchasing more spritzers during the class. Listed are the 7 chakra spritzer that will aid you in this series. Select the option to pickup to hold her order and save your spot in class.

Part one - Grounding Chakra Energies

Part one - Grounding Chakras & how-to-tools to self help; meditation, sound frequency, visualization, reflexology, emotional freedom technique and other healing modalities. Root, Sacaral, Heart, Throat Chakras and the Psyche. Other Energy Work, Deep 6 Meditations, Sound, light, color and Magnetic Therapies, Reflexology/Acupressure and Visualization

 Part two - Solar Plex & Your Gut

Heal your Gut, Heal your Brain Focusing mainly on the Solar-Plex Chakra (sacral & throat), Intermittent Fasting, Coffee Enemas and other natural Detoxifying Cleanses. Hydrotherapy and Personal care, natural Herbal supplements, Vitamins & Minerals. Let Food Be Your Medicine!

Part three - Herbology & Your Environment

An overview on healing models and solutions to clean natural & healthy living. Let Food be your Medicine; make your own Kombucha, Fermented Foods, Personal Care, feed your Chakras (ie: feed your senses to stop cravings) The Air Breath and water you drink. Parasite Cleanse for Pet Owners, EMF Exposure, non Toxic Cleaning (simple soap making coming soon???)